Cristos J. Goodrow

Email address:

Interests: Theoretical computer science, particularly computational complexity; recursion theory; philosophy of mind.

Still on leave-of-absence from the Ph.D. program in Mathematical Logic at U.C. Berkeley. Currently, I am working at Google. My e-mail address there is

Prior to Google, I worked at A9 (Amazon) on the software that performs search on

Prior to A9 (Amazon), I worked on demand-based price optimization software at DemandTec.

Prior to DemandTec, I worked on internet infrastructure components, mining click-stream data, and analyzing on-line user behaviour at TeaLeaf Technology.

Prior to TeaLeaf, I worked on planning and scheduling software and then helped build an on-line marketplace for Impresse Corporation.

Formerly, I wrote scheduling and planning software for Red Pepper Software, and then for Peoplesoft, Corp. after they acquired Red Pepper. My work for Peoplesoft involved using linear programming to solve supply-chain planning problems and to guide repair-based detailed scheduling algorithms which used simulated annealing.

Before coming to the Group in Logic at U.C. Berkeley, I earned degrees in mathematics and computer science from Cornell University and U.C. Santa Barbara. I also spent several years working with Andersen Consulting (now called Accenture) in San Francisco.